Terms and Conditions

Raffle Lottery Terms and Conditions can be found under the useful links. 

Additional information regarding lottery events and how an organization can be considered eligible can be found on our Licence Requirements webpage

Application Package

The completed application package should be submitted at least 7 days prior to the date which the applicant intends to begin the sale of tickets.

Along with the Raffle Lottery application form the following information is required:


  • The correct license fee (3% of the total value of all prizes - inclusive of all taxes);

  • Copies of all receipts, invoices, or proof of value for each prize worth $500.00 or more;

  • A sample of the proposed ticket;

  • Rules of play; and

  • For prize boards that exceed $10 000.00, the applicant organization may be required to obtain an irrevocable letter of credit to cover the full retail value of all prizes.

Ticket Requirements

The licensee shall have the tickets printed in two parts and shall contain the following information:


  • The license number;

  • The name of the licensee;

  • The location(s), date(s), and time(s) or the draw(s);

  • A description, including the nature, number and value of the prize(s) to be awarded;

  • The price of each ticket;

  • The number of the ticket; and

  • The total number of tickets printed.

On the part of the ticket retained by the organization the following information shall appear:


  • The number of the ticket;

  • The license number and the name of the licensee; and

  • Adequate space for the name, address, and telephone number of the ticket purchaser.

In the case of 50/50 draws and/or meat spins, the licensee may use “roll” tickets. The purchaser must be present at the draw to win.


The total value of the prize’s to be awarded can be no less than 20% of the potential maximum gross proceeds from the sale of all tickets printed (ie. if 1000 tickets are printed and sold for $1.00 each, there shall be a minimum prize board of $200.00).

Prizes shall be awarded free and clear of any mortgage, lien, or any other encumbrances.

With the exception of a 50/50 draw, the licensee shall award fixed prizes that are determined at the time of application. The maximum prize value for a 50/50 draw shall be determined at the time of application.

Rules of Play

Applicants for a license shall indicate the detailed procedures to be followed for all draws and for all prizes to be awarded. Rules of play shall be made available to ticket purchasers if requested.

Applicants shall address issues such as:

  • Advise the means of payment accepted for ticket sales (ie. cash only);

  • The number of rotations of the drum after each stub is drawn;

  • If the drum will be spun one or more times after each stub has been drawn. If not, the rules must indicate in detail the procedures to be followed;

  • The order in which prizes will be awarded (ie. 1st ticket drawn wins 1st prize);

  • In the case of an elimination draw, if you do not sell all of the tickets, you will need to address the order in which prizes will be awarded;

  • Any other necessary procedures which a spectator may expect to see during the draw.

Sample rules of play can found under the downloads section of the page. Copies are also available at any Municipal Service Centre.

Conduct the Event

The licensee shall designate at least two (2) bona fide active members to be in charge of and responsible for the conduct of the raffle. The designated members in charge must be at least 18 years of age.

Once the first ticket is sold, the licensee must complete the raffle and award the prize(s) as approved in the application for license whether or not all tickets have been sold.

The licensee shall not allow any person apparently under the age of 18 to purchase a ticket.

A serial number record shall be maintained showing the distribution of tickets, including the names of sellers, and the return of ticket stubs, cash, unsold or returned tickets to reconcile all tickets and cash at the end of the raffle.

Financial Requirements

A lottery trust account shall be opened by the organization with a minimum of two signing officers. Lottery proceeds shall be deposited and dispersed from the lottery account. If the organization conduct’s bingos as well, they may deposit the raffle proceeds into their bingo account.

Reporting Requirements

The licensee must submit a Lottery Report no later than 30 days following the draw date of the lottery. The use of proceeds raised from the lottery event must be approved by the Licensing Office in accordance with the organization's mandate and Provincial Regulations.

The following documentation must accompany each Raffle Lottery Report form:


  • A list of winners;

  • Copies of receipts for any expense worth $250.00 or more; and

  • Copies of all deposit slips, OR a bank statement showing all deposits, related to the event.

Year End Raffle Reports

Proceeds collected from lottery events must be deposited into a trust account until they are spent on eligible expenses. In order to ensure accountability and monitor the use of these proceeds, a year end raffle report is required in addition to the report submitted 30 days after the raffle takes place.

Organizations, conducting both monthly bingo events through a pooling bingo hall and occasional raffle events, have the option of using one single lottery trust account instead of a bingo proceed account and a raffle proceed account.

Organizations that have conducted a raffle in 2008 and continue to maintain raffle proceeds in a separate lottery account are required to submit this annual report. This report is due on or before February 16th, 2009. In addition to submitting the report, organizations are required to submit a copy of their month ending December 31st bank statement.

This annual reporting requirement only applies to proceeds held in a separate raffle lottery account. Organizations do not need to complete this report, if they deposit raffle proceeds into a bingo trust account and submit monthly bingo reports (applicable to organizations affiliated with Riverview Bingo Hall and Wallaceburg Hometown Bingo).

Additional Questions

For further information, please contact Licensing Services at CKlicensing@chatham-kent.ca or 519.360.1998