A Group Home is described as a dwelling used to provide supervised living accommodation as per the requirements of its residents, licensed or funded under the Province of Ontario or Government of Canada legislation, for a maximum of 10 persons, exclusive of staff, living together in a single housekeeping unit, The dwelling shall be wholly utilized by the Group Home occupants and any counseling or support services provided in the Group Home shall be limited to those required by the residents. A Group Home does not include a place of detention, correction or probation and is not intended for temporary care or occupation.

Application Requirements:

  • Zoning approval from the Chatham-Kent Building Department

  • Health Inspection completed by the Chatham--Kent Public Health Unit

  • Fire Inspection completed by the Chatham-Kent Fire Department

  • A copy of the Master Business Licence (via Service Ontario)

Licence Details:

  • Licence Type: Group Home/Residential Care Facility

  • Initial Fee: $368

  • Renewal Fee: $205

  • Expiry Date: End of the month plus one year from date of issuance

Licence issuance is subject to inspection approvals and completed application requirements.

For further requirement details, please refer to the Consolidated Business Licensing Bylaw available in the downloads section.