Second-hand Goods are described as but is not limited to, jewellery, collectibles, electronic goods, bicycles and tools, but does not include any household kitchen or laundry appliances, any furniture excluding audio, video and other electronic devices, any cookware, glassware and eating utensils that do not contain precious metals, and any clothing or shoes.

Second-hand Shop is described as any premises in which the purchasing, selling, exchanging, or otherwise dealing in Second-hand Goods is carried on.

Application Requirements:

  • Zoning approval from the Chatham-Kent Building Department

  • Police approval from the Chatham-Kent Police Department

  • A copy of the Master Business Licence (via Service Ontario)

Licence Requirements:

  • Second-hand Goods may not be accepted from any minor, under the age of eighteen (18) years or altered, repaired, disposed of or in any way part with any Second-hand Goods purchased or taken in exchange until after the expiration of thirty (30) days, from the date of purchase or such exchange

  • A register must be submitted monthly to Police Services at the end of each calendar month

  • All Second-hand Goods purchased or taken in exchange must be maintained for a minimum period of thirty (30) days prior to Second-hand Goods being sold or offered for sale

Licence Details:

  • Licence Type: Second-Hand Shop

  • Initial Fee: $388

  • Renewal Fee: $116

  • Expiry Date: End of the month plus one year from date of issuance 

Licence issuance is subject to inspection approvals and completed application requirements. 

For further requirement details, please refer to the Consolidated Business Licensing Bylaw available in the downloads section.