Adult Entertainment Parlour is described as any Premises or part thereof in which Adult Entertainment Services is provided.

Adult Entertainment Operator is defined as a person who alone or with others operates, manages, supervises, runs, or controls an Adult Entertainment Parlour.

Adult Entertainment Owner is described as a person who owns or has possession of an Adult Entertainment Parlour.

The Municipality intends to licence no more than three (3) Licensed Adult Entertainment Parlours providing Adult Entertainment Services in the Municipality, based upon the community’s size and population. In order to procure a valid Licence from the Municipality an Applicant must demonstrate on reasonable grounds, the need for an additional Adult Entertainment Parlour providing service in the Municipality. Any increase in the number of Adult Entertainment Parlours providing Adult Entertainment Services beyond three (3) will require the approval of Council.

The current Zoning By-law restricts Adult Entertainment Establishments in all zones in the Municipality.  If you'd like to inquire about a zoning amendment to permit an Adult Entertainment Establishment, please contact the Chatham-Kent Planning Department at 519.360.1998.

Application Requirements:

  • Zoning approval from the Chatham-Kent Building Department

  • Police Clearance for applicants

  • A copy of the Master Business Licence (via Service Ontario)

Licence Details:

  • Licence Type: Adult Entertainment

  • Initial Fee: $446

  • Renewal Fee: $116

  • Expiry Date: End of the month plus one year from date of issuance

Licence issuance is subject to inspection approvals and completed application requirements.


The Municipality no longer issues Attendant licenses. The Municipality licenses the Adult Entertainment Parlour only.

Attendants must be 18 years of age or older.  An Attendant Registration form must be completed by each attendant and accompanied with two pieces of valid identification, one of which must contain photographic identification of the Attendant.  The Owner/Operator of the licensed Adult Entertainment Establishment will provide a copy of the Attendant Registration form to the applicant.  The Attendant Registration form is valid for one year however and must be resubmitted where any change of information occurs.

Acceptable Identification:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Driver's License

  • Canadian Passport

  • Canadian Citizenship card with a photograph of the person whom the card is issued

  • Photo card issued by the Liquor Control Board

  • Social Insurance card

  • If from another jurisdiction, the equivalent of the above

Adult Entertainment Event

Adult Entertainment Event is defined as an occurrence conducted by a person or business providing entertainment appealing to or designed to appeal to erotic or sexual appetites or inclinations within a facility other than an adult entertainment parlour.

No person or Business shall carry on an Adult Entertainment Event within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

For further Adult Entertainment requirement details, please refer to the Consolidated Business Licensing Bylaw available in the downloads section.