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If you plan to operate a business within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent you may need a Municipal Business Licence. A Municipal Business Licence is different from a Master Business Licence. Businesses that operate without a Municipal Business Licence, but require one, are subject to charges under applicable Municipality of Chatham-Kent bylaws.

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent requires a licence be obtained for the following types of businesses: 

- Adult Entertainment Parlour

- Personal Service Establishment*

- Bed & Breakfast Establishment

- Public Hall

- Bunk House (Migrant Housing)

- Public Pool

- Caterer

- Restaurant

- Food Cart

- Retirement Home

- Food Sales Establishment

- Salesperson*

- Group Home/Residential Care Facility

- Salvage Yard

- Hair Salon/Barber Shop

- Second-Hand Shop

- Hotel/Motel

- Summer Camp

- Ice Cream Cart Sales

- Tobacco Shop

- Lodging House

- Vending Zone Permit

- Old Gold or Other Precious Metals

- Tourist/Trailer Camp

- Pawn Shop

*Personal Service - Nails/Tanning/Electrolysis/Tattoo/Body Piercing

*Salesperson - Day Sales/Door-to-Door Sales/Trade Show

Zoning Requirements (Business Location)

Before applying for a Municipal Business Licence, please check if your proposed business is permitted in the Chatham-Kent Zoning By-law. A licence will not be issued to a business that contravenes the Chatham-Kent Zoning Bylaw.

For zoning information, contact the Zoning Department at 519.360.1998 or In order to promptly assist you, please provide us with the Municipal address you wish to operate your business, as well as a brief description of your proposed business.

Health and Fire Inspection Requirements

Before a Business Licence can be issued, it is your responsibility to comply with any applicable Ontario Health Code or Ontario Fire Code Regulations. To better understand the requirements that may apply to your business, please contact the Public Health Unit at 519.352.7270 or the Fire Department at 519.436.3270.

Building Requirements

Before signing a lease or purchase a building it is important that the building complies with the Ontario Building Code. If renovations are required, you may require a building permit.

Depending on the previous use of the building, you may require a change of use permit. For further information contact the Building Department at 519.360.1998 or

Operating on Municipal Property

Businesses interested in operating on municipal property will be required to complete a Vending Zone Permit Application and receive municipal approval before doing so.

Upon receiving approval to operate on municipal property, a licence fee and insurance documentation (liability insurance naming the Municipality of Chatham-Kent as additionally insured) must be provided in order for a Vending Zone Permit to be issued.

For further information, or to obtain a Municipal Business Licence Application, please contact Licensing Services.