Salesperson shall mean a Person operating the following:

  • Day Sales

  • Door to Door Sales

  • Fruit and Vegetable Stand

  • Trade Show

Day Sales is described as the sale of goods for a one to three day consecutive period from one specific location such as, but not limited to, a parking lot, a service station lot or a vacant commercial lot where the use is permitted in the Municipality’s Zoning By-law.

Door to Door Sales is described as any person engaged in the sale of goods or services on a door to door sales basis including Salespersons or agents.

Application Requirements:

  • Zoning approval from the Chatham-Kent Building Department

  • A copy of the Master Business Licence (via Service Ontario)

Door to Door Sales Licence Requirements:

  • In addition to the requirements mentioned above, any Door to Door sales applicant must submit police clearances for the applicant and each individual performing Door to Door sales

  • No Door to Door Sales shall be conducted on Sundays or statutory holidays

  • A licence shall be taken out for each individual person performing Door to Door Sales

  • For each individual person performing Door to Door Sales, valid photo identification must be submitted

  • Police clearances must be submitted for the applicant and each individual performing Door to Door Sales

Day Sales Licence Requirements:

  • The Business of a flower vendor shall not be maintained or operated within three hundred feet (300') of the customers' entrance to a florist

  • Day Sales shall not be performed on Private Property unless written permission is provided by the owner of the property

  • Day Sales occurring outside of a permanent structure, a site plan needs to be provided, depicting the exact location of where the Day Sales will occur on the property at the time of the application for the Licence and shall not operate except in that exact location

Fruit & Vegetable Stand Licence Requirements:

  • All fruit and vegetables sold or offered for sale at a Fruit and Vegetable Stand must be grown on a premise outside the Municipality

  • Expiry Date: Date varies based upon request at time of application

Licence issuance is subject to inspection approvals and completed application requirements.

For further requirement details, please refer to the Consolidated Business Licensing Bylaw available in the downloads section.