An Ice Cream Cart-Motorized is described as a cart driven by a motor assisted bicycle, as defined under the Highway Traffic Act, used for Ice Cream Sales.

Ice Cream Cart Non-Motorized is described as a non-motorized cart used for Ice Cream Sales, such as a pedal powered cart.

Ice Cream Vehicle is described as a vehicle, used for Ice Cream Sales, but is not an Ice Cream Cart-Motorized. An example would be a refrigerated truck.

Ice Cream Sales is described as the sale or offering for sale for consumption by the public frozen confections in the original package or wrapper, or other frozen confections pre-approved in writing by the Medical Officer of Health.

Application Requirements:

  • Zoning approval from the Chatham-Kent Building Department

  • Health Inspection completed by the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit

  • Police Clearance for applicants, current employees and new employees

  • A copy of the Master Business Licence (via Service Ontario)

If operating on Municipal Property:

  • Municipal property approval

  • Liability insurance in the amount of at least 1 million dollars , covering the period of the licence, naming the Municipality of Chatham-Kent as additionally insured

If operating an Ice Cream Vehicle:

  • Automobile Insurance for the Ice Cream Vehicle in the amount of at least 1 million dollars, covering the period of the licence

  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Ontario Licence plate number

Points to Remember:

  • Pursuant to section 303.02 of the Traffic and Parking By-law No. 245-2004, ice cream carts would not be permitted to stop on any part of the highway in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of traffic. Section 303.03 states “No such person shall, for the purpose of carrying on their business, stop a vehicle or permit a vehicle to remain stopped on any part of the highway except to serve from the side of such vehicle facing the closest boulevard.”

  • Ice cream cart sales would be permitted on local roads as identified on the official plan. However, no sales would be permitted on arterial roads or collector roads as per the Highway Traffic Act. The cart would only be allowed to travel on the arterial or collector roads to get to local roads in a residential area. Schedule B of the official plan sets out the road networks. Refer to these maps to locate local roads where the operation of a non-motorized ice-cream cart, such as pedal-powered, is permitted.

Licence issuance is subject to inspection approvals and completed application requirements.

For further requirement details, please refer to the Consolidated Business Licensing Bylaw available in the downloads section.