Chatham-Kent is an ideal community to build a career, balanced with the life you want. We are home to diverse employers and career opportunities, from our largest sectors of manufacturing, healthcare, retail trade, and agriculture, to growing areas of investment. CK employers are looking for a range of roles, from entry-level roles and front-line team members to be the face of their company, to leaders to help drive their companies forward. Chatham-Kent is growing and we are excited to welcome you to build your future with us.

Outside of work, you will enjoy affordable housing and communities that are friendly, safe and welcoming. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to start a family or a business, grow you career, ease yourself into retirement, or simply want a beautiful place to relax after work, Chatham-Kent has it all.

Living in Chatham-Kent allows you to keep everything in balance: family, work, health, relaxation and your budget. You will enjoy a high quality of life that includes easy access to a wide range of outdoor adventures, thriving arts and culture, recreational activities and experiences.

Check out our Newcomer Stories and baCK to CK stories, to learn about others who chose Chatham-Kent and now call it home. The LivingCK team is here to help answer any questions and make the transition easy. Contact us today at and come and see for yourself why there is so much to love about Living Chatham-Kent.

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