Career Exploration

help yourself by helping others

Volunteering is a great way to determine if a career is for you before investing time and money in your education or training. The experience you gain through volunteering will help build your resume, create connections with potential employers, and give you the opportunity to see if you are suited for a specific career.

Work Experience & Resume Building

Volunteering is a great way to impress employers, give back to your community and develop crucial workplace skills. Volunteering will help you gain experience employers are looking for, meet new people that can help with your career goals, increase your social life, or help network to build your business. Volunteer supervisors can act as valuable references when you are seeking employment or education opportunities.

image of community involvementFostering Community

As a volunteer, you'll be taking action to help important causes and individuals right here in your own community. Your hard work will make Chatham-Kent a better place to live!

Getting Started

  • Drop in or call an agency or organization that you are interested in helping, ask what volunteer opportunities are available or upcoming

  • Ask family, friends and contacts about volunteer opportunities

  • Check out help wanted sections of newspapers

  • Some organizations post volunteer opportunities online

  • United Way of Chatham-Kent helps link volunteers with many local organizations