How to: Post a Job Opportunity

  1. Visit the Chatham-Kent Community Job Board Home page and click on the Post a Job icon.
  2. Login to your Employer Account using your username and password. 
  3. This will open the Job Posting Details area of your employer account. Click on the Create a New Job Posting button.
  4. This will open the New Community Job Posting Form. You will notice that your company details are prepopulated in the member details area of the form. Please review this information to verify its accuracy.  Note that fields with a red asterisk are required.
  5. Select whether or not you would like your company name and address details to be visible on your job posting.
  6. Input the job title, closing date, location and placement title into the Job Details area of the form. Note that the closing date for your job posting must be at least one day after the Activation Date (see step 10).
  7. Fill in the remainder of the form with your job posting details. If you are copying information from a word processing document, please remove any additional formatting, like lists or headings. These features may not render properly when pasted into the form fields.
  8. If you would like to include HTML formatting in your job posting, for example, a hyperlink to an external resource, please click on the provided link to open instruction in a secondary window.
  9. As an employer, you have the ability to select your preferred method or methods of application submission in the How to Apply section of the form.
  10. In the Activation Date area of the form, please select the date and time you would like your employment position to become live on the job board. Please note that your activation date must be at least two days from today's date and time. You are also required to pre-set a Removal Date and time that you would like to have your job posting taken off of the Community Job Board. This must be at least one day after the activation date.
  11. If you have any additional supporting information that you would like to include in your job posting, you can include it in the Supporting Documents area of the New Community Job Posting form. Click the "Choose File" button to browse the files on your computer and attach your supporting documents.
  12. Before submitting your job information, you will need to review and agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Chatham-Kent Community Job Portal. Clicking on the hyperlink will open the terms and conditions in a new window for you to review.
  13. Click Submit to save your employment opportunity and submit it to the community job portal. If your job posting was submitted successfully, you will receive a verification message in your browser window. If you did not receive this message, scroll to the top of the form and review any error messages. Correct your errors and click the Submit button again.

Please note that it may take up to two days for your job to become live on the community job board.

You can update information within your job posting at any time by logging into your Employer Account and clicking the "Edit Posting" button next to the job description in question. To delete a job posting, click the "Delete Posting" button.

The following video will provide you with additional assistance.