Fire & Emergency Services

Fire & Emergency Services
Amalgamated in 1998, the Chatham-Kent Fire Department brought together firefighters from twenty-three communities, working together to provide a seamless delivery of high quality service to the public. Each station is involved in supporting their community; and the firefighters from each station make contributions of time and effort at emergencies, local events, and Public Education venues throughout the year.

Firefight Recruitment:

Under the direction and guidance of the Fire Paramedic Chief, CKFES is an all-hazards community safety organizations with the responsibility to care for the community through planning, prevention, public education, emergency response and recovery in three operational services: Fire Services, Emergency Medical Services and Emergency required by various provincial legislations. Careful coordination in these three key emergency service areas makes for a well-integrated and effective public safety and pre-hospital health care service throughout the 2,500 km² of Chatham-Kent 24/7 x 365. 

The cornerstones of our department are Public Safety and Service, Workplace Safety, Public Trust and Brand Integrity, Teamwork and Leadership and create the foundation so CKFES can protect from harm what matters most to our communities and our people. 

Fire Services are mandated under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act and are delivered through a composite structure (fulltime & volunteer personnel) and is comprised of four (4) branches: Fire Prevention, Public Education, Training and Suppression for a total of sixty-five full-time and three hundred and forty six firefighters, four fire prevention staff, one training officer, one public educator and three administrative support staff that work together to provide fire protection services. 

EMS or Land Ambulance Services are the responsibility of single or upper tier municipalities and the standards for service delivery are covered under the Ambulance Act and its associated regulations. The delivery of Land Ambulance Services is through a contract which provides close to 100 paramedics (fulltime & part time) as approved by council. 

Emergency Management (EM) is a legislated responsibility under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act to ensure readiness in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. The program components include: community risk analysis, hazard identification, disaster planning and exercises, response and recovery strategies, as well as managing the Municipality's Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). 

CKFES protects the economic engines of Chatham-Kent with dedicated, enthusiastic, and hardworking staff who are motivated to provide the best fire, medical and life safety services in the country. CKFES also strives to achieve total service excellence by being a leader in innovative and in collaborative emergency service response strategies.

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