The Career Profile application form can be found under ‘attachments' in each job posting on our website, in a MS Word or an Adobe format.

Your resume should complement your career profile, but not replace the profile (we should be able to find the same information in your resume as we find in your career profile).

Where information boxes have been provided to insert your related experience, please include details of all your related experience to match the years of experience you have included, along with when and where you obtained the experience.

Instructions for completing a Career Profile:

  • Save the MS Word (.doc) application form onto your computer if you have Microsoft Office software program
  • Do not download the application onto a phone or iPad - it must be downloaded onto a computer or laptop
  • If you are unable to use the MS Word version, please print the Adobe version (.pdf) and complete by hand
  • Please answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to each question; please do not select both yes and no, or leave both blank
  • If an grey box in provided under a question where you answered ‘yes’, please include detailed information (and include the same detailed information in your resume); include each employer,  job titles, dates in each position and a list of experiences related to the question
  • We cannot accept  ‘see resume’ or ‘see above’ as an answer to a question
  • Each box under a question will expand to 2000 characters; for spell check and grammar check, use a separate document to prepare your answer, complete spell check and grammar check, and then copy and paste into the information box

Other relevant information:

Please do not include copies of transcripts, licenses, certificates, etc. If these are required, you will be asked to bring them to an interview.

Please do not include personal information (i.e. a picture, marital status, social insurance number, driver’s license number, reference to family members (children), date of birth, race, etc.)

If submitting a hard copy, please attach the Career Profile to the front of your resume. Please do not include a cover letter.

Please remember that your career profile (and resume) should include the education, skills, experience and/or qualification to corroborate your ‘yes’ answers.

If you are unable to access the MS Word or Adobe version of the Career Profile, please visit a local library, a Municipal Centre, or Employment & Social Services (King Street West, Chatham by the Capitol Theatre or at the Wallaceburg Municipal building) for assistance.