Missed Garbage Collection?

This could by why:

  • Toter cart is overloaded.  Cart lid must be able to close flat for cart to be eligible for collection

  • Cart not properly placed at the curb . Leave at least 1 metre (3ft) of space between your cart, recycling boxes, fences, mailboxes, parked cars, hydro poles, etc.).  Arrow on top of lid points to the centre of the road

  • Bags weigh more than 20 kg (44lbs)

  • Garbage was not set out at the curb by 7:00am

  • Items are not accepted for curbside pickup (i.e. E-waste, tires, appliances, scrap metal, etc.)

  • Garbage/items hidden (i.e. behind snow bank, parked vehicles, etc.)

  • Garbage not placed in acceptable containers (i.e. drums, kitchen catchers, etc.)

Missed Recycling Collection?

These are the most common reasons why:

  • Recycling boxes are hidden behind a snow bank or vehicle(s) or not set out by 7a.m.

  • Non recyclables in blue or black box

  • Something other than fibre material in the black box

  • Recyclables are placed in a container other than a blue or black box (i.e. cardboard box, laundry basket, etc.)

  • Recyclables must be either in a blue or black box in order to be collected.  If you do not have one, please contact our office at the phone # listed below

  • Boxboard/cardboard not properly set out (i.e. loose, not bundled or too large)

  • Flatten all boxboard/cardboard, bundle and tie in dimensions no larger than 75cm x 75cm x 20cm (30”x30”x8”). Place beside the black box

Is Your Garbage and Recycling Safe for Collection?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your garbage and recycling is safe in order to be picked up by the garbage/recycling collection crews.

Here are some guidelines on how to keep your garbage and recycling safe:

  • Put all broken glass and sharp objects (i.e. knives) in a sealed and clearly labelled cardboard box or rigid container for easy recognition by collection crews

  • DO NOT put any part of needles/syringes in the garbage or recycling.  Contact your local pharmacy for safe disposal options or bring them to a Household Hazardous Waste Day event (held each September)