Couch, table, mattress repqresenting bulky items

When placing a large/bulky item at the curb, use a garbage bag for household waste instead of the garbage toter cart.  The weekly garbage limit for a single family home is one toter cart or three bags/items.  A separate bulk item truck is dispatched provided the item(s) are within the weekly limit for that property. 


 Same Day Collection

 Dealtown Monday
 Erieau & Erie Beach Monday
 Merlin Monday
 Romney Monday
 Shrewsbury Monday
 Tilbury Monday
 Wheatley Monday



Same Week Collection

 Chatham & Fringe Wednesday, Thursday                     
 Blenheim Thursday
 Bothwell Friday
 Dresden Friday
 Highgate Friday
 Howard/Bates Subdivision/Morpeth Friday
 Ridgetown Friday
 Rondeau Bay Estates Friday
 Thamesville Friday


Following Week Collection

 Wallaceburg & Fringe       Wednesday