Blue Rycyle Bin
  • Overflowing toter carts produce litter and are unsafe.  All items or material that prevent the cart lid from closing are considered excess garbage and therefore the cart will not be emptied and becomes the owner's responsibility.  

  • Arrow on top of the cart lid points to the centre of the road

  • Wheels are placed back against the curb

  • Carts are to be placed at least 1 metre (3ft) from stationary objects such as mailboxes, vehicles, recycling boxes, other carts, etc.

  • Do not place cart under low overhanging tree limbs or utility lines

  • Material placed in the toter cart must be contained in either a bag or box

Citizens are also reminded to be mindful of their surroundings when using toter carts, including the impact of adverse weather conditions such as wind, ice or rain.  Please use caution when placing items in the cart and transferring the cart to and from the curb.