Garbage Toter Cart

Do not exceed weight limit as marked on cart

  • A 95-gal cart counts as 3 ‘bags’ toward your weekly limit 
  • A 68-gal cart counts as 2 ‘bags’ toward your weekly limit 

Please note: Damaged or broken carts that pose a risk to collection workers will not be collected. Overloaded carts will not be emptied.  All items or material that prevent the cart lid from closing flat are considered excess and therefore the cart will not be emptied. Carts must be 1 metre (3 feet) away from all items with handles facing your home/business  . 

Garbage Can

Ensure your can is leak-proof and clean to avoid attracting pests. Damaged or broken cans that pose a risk to collection workers will not be collected.

  • Must have a tight lid and 2 handles for lifting
  • Maximum allowed size is 98 litres (3.5 cu ft)
  • No ties/bungee cords, etc. permitted


Cardboard boxes are accepted, but not encouraged because of their potential to fall apart when wet. Boxes that fall apart (including contents) will not be collected. Each box counts as one 'bag' toward the limit. Maximum size is 75cm x 75cm x 90cm (30” x 30” x 36”).


Bags must be completely closed and securely tied. Maximum size is 30” x 36”. Loose grocery/kitchen catcher bags will not be collected (place these inside a standard garbage can or garbage bag).

Oversized Garbage Can

  • Oversized cans may be used to contain multiple bags and protect garbage from pests.  Place secured bags inside.  Loose garbage inside container will not be collected as it can result in litter when being emptied at curb

  • Must have a tight lid and 2 handles in good lifting condition

  • maximum allowed size is 196 litres or 6.9 cubic feet and maximum weight is 27 kg or 60 lbs

  • each oversized can counts as 2 'bags' toward the limit

  • no ties/bungee cords etc. are permitted