Operating Procedures for Leaf and Yard Depots

 The above sites do not have debit machine capabilities or accept cheques.  Payment is by cash only.

Holiday Closing Schedule 

Send Your Grass Back To The Roots

All residents are encouraged to mulch grass clippings and leave them on the lawn to enjoy the benefits of 'grasscycling'.

Grasscycling saves time and energy and reduces the need to fertilize.

It creates a deeper healthier root system that increases your lawn's resistance to disease, drought and insects.

Most lawnmowers now come with mulching blades.  If you have an older mower, mulching blades can be purchased at most hardware stores.

If you don’t have a mulcher you can:

  • Compost clippings in a backyard composter

  • Use clippings as a garden mulch around plants and shrubs

Did You Know?

All yard waste delivered to C-K Leaf and Yard Depots is ground into mulch and is available free of charge to residents to use in their yards and gardens. Mulch helps to conserve moisture, suppress weeds, moderate soil temperature and hold fertilizer around the plants.