Dive Team

A dive team member sitting on the edge of a pool with a Scuba tank on

Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services operates a fully trained and equipped dive team.  The team consists of 8 divers and 11 dive tenders. The dive team is responsible for providing rescue, recovery, and support services throughout the entire municipality.

The team is under the direction of the dive coordinator and two dive supervisors, who operate at the advanced level.

The team operates under all conditions, such as black water and cold water diving. High quality commercial dry suits assist in allowing operations to continue under all conditions.

The dive team trains at various locations throughout Chatham-Kent, in order to be familiar with the particular challenges found in the different areas. The participation in training with our fast water specialists and members of our high level/high angle team, allows for the additional technical support required.

The dive team plays an integral part of multi-agency response with the Police, Ambulance and CK-SARVA.

High Angle Rescue

Two high angle rescue team members reviewing their ropes and lanyards

The team is capable of performing rescues on silos, bridges, tall buildings, grain elevators, steep slopes, water towers and cliffs.  Members of the team receive accreditation annually from the province.

The High Angle team is available to go anywhere in the Municipality.

Members have been taught the basics of knot tying and shown how to pick the right rings, harnesses and climbing equipment to safely lower themselves and potential victims to the ground.

Training consists of rope work, anchoring, belaying and repelling techniques as well as focusing on the skills required to move accident victims up or down from accident sites to medical transport.

Ice/Water Rescue

Two Ice/water rescue team members simulating an ice rescue

Chatham-Kent Fire &Emergency Services responds to ice/water incidents. All Stations have the ability to operate as a land based rescue team.

The stations involved in the Ice/Water Rescue Team provide an enhanced level of ice/water rescue from their strategically placed locations on the Sydenham River, Thames River and Rondeau/Lake Erie.

In addition to providing rescue services to these particular locations, they provide ice/water rescue support in all Chatham-Kent areas on bodies of water (drainage schemes and farm ponds).