Station# 8 Thamesville

Picture of Station# 8 fire department building in Thamesville97 Industrial Rd.
Thamesville  ON
N0P 2K0
Tel. 519-692-3324

Station Chief:  Paul Dawdy
Deputy Station Chief:  Rick Patterson

Station# 9 Bothwell

Picture of Station# 9 fire department building in Bothwell137 Elm St.
Bothwell  ON
N0P 1C0
Tel. 519-695-3507

Station Chief:  Brian Carroll
Deputy Station Chief:  Adam Walters

Station# 10 Highgate

Picture of Station# 10 fire department building in Highgate255 King St.
Highgate  ON
N0P 1T0
Tel. 519-678-3282

Station Chief:  George Parry
Deputy Station Chief:  Dave Uitvlugt

Station# 11 Ridgetown

Picture of Station# 11 fire department building in Ridgetown17 Ebenezer St.
Ridgetown  ON
N0P 2C0
Tel. 519-674-3398

Station Chief:  Bill Yeck
Deputy Station Chief:  Henry Vandergriendt

All photos taken by Retired Captain Terry Jordan