Canadian Flag hoisted by Station 1 and 2 trucks

Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services’ daily operations are administered from Station 1 at the Civic Centre.

  • Chris Case, Fire Chief

  • John Praill, Assistant Chief

  • Adam Walters, Assistant Chief

  • Ken Labonte, Assistant Chief

  • Ashley Naclerio, Executive Assistant

  • Amy Blair, Administrative Assistant

  • Kass Cerda, Administrative Assistant

Roles and Responsibilities

Fire Administration handles general enquiries, purchasing, staff support, timesheets, and payroll. This division is also responsible for records management and all correspondence.

The Senior Captains and Captains (full time sector); Station Chiefs and Deputy Station Chiefs (Volunteer sector) are responsible for the planning, coordinating and operating of the station he/ she is assigned to.

These duties are under the direction of the Fire Chief and Assistant Chiefs.