Chatham-Kent Fire And Emergency Services Department Overview

Chatham-Kent Fire & Emergency Services is an all-hazards community safety department with the responsibility to care for the community through prevention, public education and response. We protect from harm what matters most to our communities and its people.

CKFES encompasses Fire Services, Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Management. Careful coordination and overlap in all three key areas makes for a well-integrated and effective public safety and pre-hospital health care service. The cornerstones of our department are Public Safety and Service, Workplace Safety, Public Trust and Brand Integrity, Teamwork and Leadership.

CKFES provides public education in the areas of fire safety, home safety, community health, public access CPR & Defibrillation, fire safety for children in schools, and overall risk and hazard avoidance.

CKFES provides prevention services through fire prevention and inspection in both homes and businesses making the community safer and preventing emergencies. We also provide preventative interventions and referrals through paramedics in at-risk individual’s homes.

CKFES plans, prepares, and leads emergency management for the municipality ensuring an agile response in the event of a large-scale emergency or disaster.

CKFES ensures that the community is safe and protected, promotes safety and health, reduces risk and responds to your emergencies.

Amalgamated in 1998, the Chatham-Kent Fire Department brought together firefighters from twenty-three communities, working together to provide a seamless delivery of high quality service to the public. Each station (19) is involved in supporting their community, and the firefighters from each station make contributions of time and effort at emergencies, local events, and Public Education venues throughout the year.