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Program History

Crime Stoppers began on Sept. 8th 1976 in Albuquerque New Mexico, following the senseless murder of a young university student. After 6 weeks of investigation without success, a local Canadian born detective named Greg MacAleese appealed to the public for information. Greg and a local TV station made a re-enactment of the murder and asked for anyone with information to call him. Greg guaranteed anonymity and offered a cash reward. Within 3 hours of the broadcast the detective received his first call with information. Within 72 hours two individuals were arrested and the case was cleared!

Local Program History

Chatham Kent Crime Stoppers began on April 13th 1987. It is a joint effort between the public, the media and the police. Our first coordinator Cst Dennis Poole of the Chatham Police Service originally established Chatham-Kent Crime Stoppers. He recruited the first board of directors from the communities of Kent County and promoted the program through the media.

Email your Tip!

A recent development in the ability to securely encrypt email tips so that it guarantees that the tipster remains anonymous has prompted the Board of Directors for the Chatham Kent Crime Stoppers Program to add this valuable asset to our program.

The process is simple and easy to use. Simply click on the words "EMAIL YOUR TIP" and you will direct immediately to a tip submission form. Complete the form and you will receive the following notice:  "Thank you for submitting your tip with us on-line. Please call between 7:00 am and 3:00pm on weekdays to check the status of your tip or any time to provide additional information. Be sure and keep up with your assigned ID#. Please call 911 if this is an emergency!

Several Crime Stoppers programs throughout Canada and the United States use the email tip system. It has proven to be extremely successful.