RECE's in Chatham-Kent

Registered Early Years Educators can enjoy a competitive compensation plan and a very affordable cost of living in Chatham-Kent. Click Here for more information.


Situated between two beautiful, fresh water lakes, Chatham-Kent is home to a rich, colourful landscape which creates a wonderful backdrop for our unique towns and welcoming communities. You can live the dream without breaking the bank; with housing prices a fraction of those in comparative locations. For example, in 2017, an average home sold for $822,681 in Toronto, $330,037 in London and only $184,658 here in Chatham-Kent. Our large geography, great climate and abundance of natural amenities ensure that there are activities for people of all ages and interests. Internationally known for our heritage and culture, and a variety of attractions and festivals that dot the calendar year long, it is little wonder that people from both near and far choose Chatham-Kent as their place to call "home". We invite you to join us, and experience firsthand what it means to be Living CK.

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Coming Soon: ECE Resume Drop!

We're currently working on a one-stop application process for ECE's to put out their resumes that will be seen by ALL CHILDCARE CENTRES in Chatham-Kent! Visit again soon!