The CYPN Membership consists of many community partners in Chatham-Kent.Click for the CYPN Partnership List

The CYPN is chaired by Kelly Emery, Director of Child Care and Early Years Division (Municipality of Chatham Kent). If you are interested in receiving information regarding CYPN, or joining the committee, please email:

In 2019, CYPN achieved foundational milestones in ‘turbo-charging’ our impact as a community collective. Together, we:

developed a CK CYPN ‘Connector Team’ which acts as support for the Chair and an Advisory Team for the CYPN

engaged CYPN Leaders in discussions on their ‘vision’, readiness for change, priority themes, and high-level range of options for network models

identified 4 priority themes which create a ‘framework’ for the key ingredients of what matters to the CYPN:

1. Family Voice   2. Equity & Access   3. Partnerships & Innovation   4. Data & Knowledge Management

CYPN Meetings

Generally, CYPN meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. We have implemented a new Meeting Calendar to help keep everyone informed of and prepared for our upcoming topics. We have also designed a document, the CYPN Presentation Template.pdf, to aid our members or guests in presenting ideas, projects, etc. to the team, and create discussions resulting in actionable items.

CYPN Meeting Archives

Please click on images below to open minutes and attachments from the following meetings:

CYPN Jan 2020.png  CYPN Sept 2019.png  CYPN July 2019.png