• Log in using an email address that you use regularly as you will receive emails regarding your registration and applications from "@OneHSN" and "ckchildcare@chatham-kent.ca".
  • If another adult will be involved in registering your children, please add their information in 'Additional Contact Information' on the "Contact Info" page or use this space for adding a second telephone number.
  • You are responsible for keeping your information up-to-date and accurate. Log in every few months to keep your account active and ensure that your child remains on your selected program applications.
  • You can use your work address instead of your home address in the Parent Details Section for finding child care close to work.
  • The date you apply to a child care provider's program is the date your child's name will appear on their waitlist.
  • If you are looking to apply to an Early Learning Program (ELP) use the "Half Day AM" application (Note: not all providers offer ELP). Please refer to Child Care Locations to find an ELP provider in your community.

A NOTE ABOUT BIRTHDAYS: The Registry sees birth dates in monthly increments only. The child's age at the first of the month is considered their age all that month. This affects the options available when a parent enters the Preferred Start Date exactly on the child's birthday.
For example:  

My child turns 2 ½ on Sept.10. (The earliest age for ELP) and I want to register her for an ELP program, but if I put Sept 10 as the start date, the program won't show as an option.
The Registry sees her as being 2 years and 5 months old for all of September. ELP options will only be available if I enter my "Preferred Start Date: as October 1. There is an option to check that you would like your child to start before that start date if possible.

  • If your child is placed with a child care provider and you are happy with their care, please remove all other program applications for that age category. 
  • If you remain with the same provider, you will move up to into future programs (eg. from Infant to Toddler to Preschool). However, you will still need to apply for the Before & After School program.  Apply early for the Before & After School program as space is limited. To do so, change your preferred start date to match the date your child will be when entering that program.
  • Clicking "Yes, I am interested in Child Care Subsidy" is the first step in your application. Please visit the Child Care Subsidy page for more details.

Important – All parents on the Registry and Waitlist must log into their account every 90 days to update their information. This will ensure that child care service providers have the most current information to contact parents quickly when they have a child care space to fill. Parents who fail to log into their account after 90 days will get a reminder email at 120 days and a final notice at 150 days. At this point, parents will have 72 hours to log into their account. Failure to do so will result in a final notification advising them that their application(s) for child care will no longer be active in the Child Care Registry and Waitlist.

For help with you application, please email ckchildcare@chatham-kent.ca or call 519-351-1228 ext 2429.