Finding Special Needs Services

If you believe your child would benefit from special needs services, please use the Chatham-Kent Child Care and Supports RegistryIn a few simple steps you can set up an account and open the 'Supports Request' section.  

Once in this section, you are asked to complete a consent form (signed online using your mouse), then simply check off your concerns; for example, behaviour, speech, hearing, etc., and add in any information detailing your concerns. You will then be given a suggestion of support services from either Children's Treatment Centre, Public Health Unit and/or Chatham-Kent Children's Services. You will be able to select from these options then click the 'Submit' button to forward a self-referral to the service(s) of your choice. Shortly afterward a representative will contact you to make an appointment.

Agency Information

Blowing BubblesTo learn more information regarding the services these agencies offer, please visit their websites:

CKRECreation offers Special Populations programs with year round programs, special events, and services for youth and adults with disabilities.