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Service Level Agreements

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If your organization is interested in entering into a purchase of service agreement, please contact the Director, Child Care and Early Years.

If you currently have a purchase of service agreement with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and are requesting rate increase, please contact the Finance/Program Coordinator.

New Child Care Centres

If you are interested in establishing a new child care centre or require licensing information please access the Ministry of Education for child care providers for valuable information and review the Child Care Licensing in Ontario Orientation Package.

General Operating Grant Funding

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent also enters into service contracts with non-profit licensed child care providers and non-profit licensed in-home child care agencies for the purpose of distributing General Operating Grant funding allocations.

Funding received must be reconciled on an annual basis in accordance with the Ministry of Education Guidelines.

Existing Agreements

It is not a requirement of the service contract to have an existing purchase of service agreement with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

It is necessary, however, to hold a clear and valid licence from the Ministry of Education and to maintain insurance in accordance with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent Risk Management requirements.

Child Care Templates and Resources

Operational Guidance During COVID-19 Outbreak (Addendum 12/21/2020)

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