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In response to the COVID19 situation, A.L.L. for Kids approvals are suspended until further notice. 

OUR VISION: Chatham-Kent, the Best Community to raise a family. 

OUR MISSION: To invest in families by working together with community partners.

Child Care and Early Years Division is the designated service system manager responsible for planning, developing and managing licensed child care services and early years programs to the residents of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. We work with school boards, other human services, and community partners, to organize a coordinated system that provides families with access to the programs, services and supports that they need. Within the system, we specifically manage, plan, and fund the following: child care, fee subsidies, special needs resources, and child and family centres. We work with our partners to promote and improve quality in programs through assessment, training, and research. We engage in community capacity building, administer local policies, and facilitate change to foster the best possible outcomes for children and their families.

The Child Care and Early Years Division supports families and child care centres by: