Zoning Picture

The Zoning Department provides information on permitted uses and other information regarding the zoning of properties throughout the Municipality.

Zoning By-laws contain specific, legal regulations, such as permitted uses of a property. The purpose of a zoning bylaw is to regulate how the land can be used, what you can build and where it can be built on the property. Zoning also serves to protect areas by preventing or limiting incompatible uses, and establishing appropriate standards for development.

Zoning Letters

Where Zoning Compliance, Zoning Review, Work Orders or Environmental Assessment Letters are required, they can be obtained through the Building Department at 315 King St W. It is our goal to complete the letters within 10 business days. Requests for letters can be faxed, mailed, e-mailed, or phoned in. 

Fees for Zoning Letters

  • Zoning Review (Zoning/Work Orders): $107.65

  • Zoning Compliance: $107.65

  • Environmental Assessment: $107.65

  • Septic Compliance Review: $90.00


Accessing Zoning Online

The properties within the municipality are labelled by different 'zones', where different land uses are permitted. There are zones, for example, which permit single detached dwellings, others that permit apartment buildings, shopping centres, or industrial uses, etc. To determine the zoning of a property yourself, you can access Chatham-Kent's Zoning Bylaw Viewer. Please contact the Building Department for instructions on how to use the GeoCortex mapping application in order to obtain zoning information.

The zoning of each property is designated by a code, comprising numbers and words. The zoning codes are defined in the bylaw itself. Sometimes there are situations where the zone applied to a property does not meet the intent or the desires of the property owner. Examples could include adding a second unit to a home where it isn't permitted, changing from residential to commercial uses, or any substantial changes involving the bylaw. In the case that your property is not permitting the uses in which you require, you can contact the Planning Department at 519.360.1998 for further assistance.

Note: Many zoning designations have special exceptions that are site specific to the various lands indicated in the site specific zone. For the various zoning designations, the Zoning By-law should be read in conjunction with any special exceptions.

While the information contained in the zoning by-law and On-Point maps are correct, they should not be the only resource you use.  Please call the zoning department at 519.360.1998 or visit the office at 315 King St W to determine the correct zoning and interpretation of the zoning by-law for your property.