There are three types of Official Plan amendments; those mandated through the Planning Act, those requested by members of the public, and those initiated by the Municipality.  

Mandated Official Plan Amendments

Municipal Council, in accordance with the Planning Act, is required to review its Official Plan not less frequently than every five years after the plan comes into effect as an Official Plan, to ensure that it:

  • Conforms with provincial plans or does not conflict with them

  • Has regard to the matters of provincial interest

  • Is consistent with policy statements

Any changes required to the Official Plan as a result of the above noted review, will be done through an Official Plan amendment or amendments.

Official Plan Amendment Applications

Additional amendments to the Official Plan are required from time to time to recognize new circumstances in the community and requests by property owners and developers. A pre-consultation meeting with municipal staff is required before making an application to amend the Official Plan.

Chatham-Kent's Official Plan Amendments

The Chatham-Kent Official Plan has been amended several times since coming into affect on January 14, 2009. Please contact Planning Services to obtain copies of Official Plan Amendments.