Official Plan Cover Page

Official Plan policies reflect consideration of the following:

  • the planned allocation and distribution of different land uses, such as residential, commercial and industrial
  • means to control the development and use of land (such as zoning, subdivision of land and site plan control)
  • the provision of municipal services and facilities such as roads, sewers, and parks

Land Use Planning Is Important

Policies provide for orderly growth and development, and compatibility between the many different uses of land within the Municipality. While the objectives and policies in the Official Plan primarily relate to the physical development. They also include objectives related to social, economic and environmental matters. These are implemented through polices related to such things as housing, residential intensification, the location of community facilities and open space.

The Official Plan is composed of text and maps. The text portion of the Official Plan describes the objectives and policies for these various land uses. Its Land Use map indicates the general land use designations. A land use designation describes the predominant type of development planned for an area, such as residential, although certain other types of uses are also often permitted. Other maps identify flood plains and environmental features, and the recommended transportation network. The Official Plan is implemented by the Zoning By-Law, subdivision and site plan control, through the current and capital budgets, and by other programs of the Municipality.

Official Plan:

Official Plan


Schedule A - Land Use:

Schedule A1 - Community of Zone
Schedule A2 - Community of Orford
Schedule A3 - Community of Howard
Schedule A4 - Community of Harwich
Schedule A5 - Community of Raleigh
Schedule A6 - Community of Romney
Schedule A7 - Community of Tilbury-East
Schedule A8 - Community of Dover
Schedule A9 - Community of Chatham (Township)
Schedule A10 - Community of Camden

Schedule B - Road Networks:

Schedule B1 - Overview of Road Network
Schedule B2 - Tilbury Road Network
Schedule B3 - Wheatley Road Network
Schedule B4 - Blenheim Road Network
Schedule B5 - Chatham Road Network
Schedule B6 - Dresden Road Network
Schedule B7 - Wallaceburg Road Network
Schedule B8 - Ridgetown Road Network

Schedule C - Natural Heritage & Hazard Features:

Schedule C1 - Zone Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C2 - Orford Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C3 - Howard Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C4 - Harwich Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C5 - Raleigh Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C6 - Romney Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C7 - Tilbury-East Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C8 - Dover Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C9 - Chatham (Township) Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C10 - Camden Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C11 - Blenheim Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C12 - Chatham Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C13 - Dresden Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C14 - Ridgetown Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C15 - Tilbury Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C16 - Wallaceburg Natural Heritage & Hazards
Schedule C17 - Wheatley Natural Heritage & Hazards

Schedule D: Well Head Protection & Intrinsic Susceptibility:

Schedule D1 - Well Head Protection
Schedule D2 - Intrinsic Susceptibility

Schedule E - Land Use (Primary Urban Centres):

Schedule E1 - Blenheim Urban Centre
Schedule E2 - Chatham Urban Centre
Schedule E3 - Dresden Urban Centre
Schedule E4 - Ridgetown Urban Centre
Schedule E5 - Tilbury Urban Centre
Schedule E6 - Wallaceburg Urban Centre
Schedule E7 - Wheatley Urban Centre

Schedule F: Sustainable Shoreline Strategy

Schedule F1 - Sustainable Shoreline Strategy

Schedule G: Resource Deposits

Schedule G1 - Aggregate Resource Deposits
Schedule G2 - Petroleum Pool Resources

Secondary Plans & Amendments (Unconsolidated):

Mitchell's Bay (Dover OPA 21, December 11, 2002)
Mitchell's Bay Planning Rationale Addendum Report (Dover OPA 21, December 11, 2002)

Northwest Quadrant Planning Area 'A' (Chatham OPA 61, November, 1998)
Northwest Quadrant Planning Area 'A' (Chatham OPA 68. June 1999)
Northwest Quadrant Planning Area 'A' (Chatham OPA 86, November, 2004)
Northwest Quadrant Planning Area 'A' (Chatham-Kent OPA 48, January 2017)

Northeast Quadrant Planning Area 'A' (Chatham OPA 60, September, 1996)
Northeast Quadrant Planning Area 'A' (Chatham OPA 78, April, 2003)

Northeast Quadrant Planning Area 'B' (Chatham OPA 62, November 1998)

Southwest Quadrant Planning Area (Chatham OPA 46, January, 1991)
Southwest Quadrant Planning Area (Chatham OPA 64, April, 1998)
Southwest Quadrant Planning Area (Chatham OPA 67, June, 1999)
Southwest Quadrant Planning Area (Chatham OPA 74, March, 2002)
Southwest Quadrant Planning Area (Chatham OPA 88, October, 2007)
Southwest Quadrant Planning Area (Chatham OPA 91, February, 2008)

Sustainable Shorelines Secondary Plan (Chatham-Kent OPA 17, April 11, 2011)
Chatham-Kent Shoreline Areas - Community Sustainability Plan