Study Area

A first for the Canadian Great Lakes region, this study explores the influence of climate change on future coastal hazards due to changes in storms and ice cover and the associated challenges for the coastal communities of Chatham-Kent. The Municipality with the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority and researchers from Zuzek Inc. and the University of Waterloo are collaborating on the study. Our goal is to increase the resilience of the Chatham-Kent community through the development of short- and long-term solutions to the existing coastal hazards and associated challenges.

Study Partners

  • Supported by Natural Resources Canada's Climate Change Adaptation Program
  • Municipality of Chatham-Kent (C-K)
  • Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority (LTVCA)
  • A Steering Committee with representation from all levels of government
  • The Community of Chatham-Kent

What are we studying?

First, we are modelling the influence of climate change on future ice cover conditions on Lake Erie and changes to severe coastal storms and waves. We are comparing the projected future storm surge and wave exposure with the current threats to the shoreline communities, infrastructure, natural areas, and beaches. Next, we will work with the community throughout 2019 to evaluate existing shoreline challenges and emerging threats due to climate change, such as at-risk road infrastructure, flooded communities, threatened buildings due to shoreline erosion, and beach erosion and sedimentation at the navigation channel to Rondeau Bay. Together we will co-create solutions to these challenges and long-term climate change adaptations for the hazards impacting our shoreline.

For more information, please go to Let's Talk Chatham-Kent