A Development Standards Manual is both a technical design and business process manual intended to provide clarity for internal staff, contractors, developers, consulting engineers/designers and others to use when submitting development applications/plans to the Municipality. It clearly defines the Municipality’s expectations and requirements for new developments. It also clearly lays out the goals as a Municipality when redeveloping existing areas similar to new developments. In setting a known standard it can create consistency throughout the Municipality.

Specifically, a Development Standards Manual sets out:
  • Development requirements prior to construction (i.e. subdivision/site plan agreements, plans, design drawings, consulting engineer, fees, etc.)
  • Design criteria, specifications and site specific development requirements (i.e. road widths and depths, sanitary, water, storm, sidewalks, bike lanes, walking trails, multi-use paths, street lighting, other servicing, etc.) These would also apply to redevelopment on existing Municipal Right of Way (R.O.W.), and other infrastructure completed by the Municipality.
  • Requirements after construction (i.e. Municipal inspections, maintenance periods, Municipal acceptance of services, record drawings, etc.)
  • A minimum level of service that Chatham-Kent is looking to achieve in both new developments and existing neighbourhoods.
For an overview of Development Standards, please watch the following educational video:

The Development Standards Manual and Appendices are available in draft format below. The Municipality is currently soliciting feedback on these documents up until April 26, 2019. Please submit any comments to ckdevst@chatham-kent.ca.

Development Standards Manual

Digital Information Standard

Chatham-Kent CADD Standards and Delivery INFOsheet