Council, may by by-law, determine the method in which administration shall notify the citizens of the Municipality of such planning applications. By-law 47-2013 sets out that the Municipal Website shall be used to give Notice of Official Plans, Official Plan Amendments, Community Improvement Plans, and Community Improvement Plan Amendments.

Council Meeting - December 9, 2019

Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision & Zoning By-law Amendment
CKSL Development Ltd.
663 Indian Creek Road
Community of Chatham (City) 

Application for Zoning By-law Amendment
Gordon & Gayle Ross
23207, 23213 & 23233 Mull Road
Community of Harwich (South Kent)

Application for Zoning By-law Amendment
Robert Cartier
25881 Winter Line Road
Community of Dover (North Kent)

Application for Zoning By-law Amendment
Ridgetown and Area Adult Activity Centre
40 Erie Street South
Community of Ridgetown (East Kent)

Application for Consent & Zoning By-law Amendment
Lucille Reid
4718 Pollard Line
Community of Tilbury East (West Kent)

Comittee of Adjustment Hearing - December 19, 2019

Application for Minor Variance
Michael & Kerri Gray
29065 Bluewater Crescent
Community of Chatham (Township) (North Kent)

Application for Consent
Doyle E. Patterson
297 & 301 Park Street
Community of Chatham (City)
Application for Minor Variance
Lori Couture
26 Wiltshire Drive
Community of Chatham (City) 

Application for Consent
Dieleman Farms Ltd.
12472 & 12596 Longwoods Road
Community of Camden (East Kent)

Application for Consent
Phillip and Janet Richards
Camden Street
Community of Dresden (North Kent)

Council Agendas containing the Planning Reports are posted on-line on the Thursday before the Council Meeting date in the Council Calendar.