Council, may by by-law, determine the method in which administration shall notify the citizens of the Municipality of such planning applications. By-law 47-2013 sets out that the Municipal Website shall be used to give Notice of Official Plans, Official Plan Amendments, Community Improvement Plans, and Community Improvement Plan Amendments.

Council Planning Act Notices

March 25, 2019 Council Meeting

Combined Notice of Public Meeting and Complete Application

Application for Zoning By-law Amendment
PL201900005 - 1815513 Ontario Inc.
26 Talbot Street East
Community of Blenheim (South Kent)

Notice of Public Meeting

Application for Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment
PL201800149 - Municipality of Chatham-Kent
Cannabis Production

Draft Documents (Cannabis Production)
Draft Official Plan Amendment
Draft Zoning By-law Amendment

Council Agendas containing the Planning Reports are posted on-line on the Thursday before the Council Meeting date in the Council Calendar.

Committee of Adjustment Planning Act Notices

March 28, 2019 Committee of Adjustment Hearing

Notice of Public Hearing

Applications for Consent & Minor Variance
PL201900014 - Lucien & Jean-Marie Laprise
7312, 7314, 7338 Belle Rose Line
Community of Dover (North Kent)

Application for Consent
PL201900016 - Riverside Hill Farms Inc.
29872 Gould Road
Community of Camden (North Kent)

Applications for Consent & Minor Variance
PL201900019 - John R. McKinlay
23254 McKinlay Road
Community of Tilbury East (West Kent)

Application for Consent
PL201900021 - Robert Barron
10208 Longwoods Road 
Community of Chatham (Township) (North Kent)

Application for Consent
PL201900022 - Harry Lawson
13657 Zone Centre Line
Community of Zone (East Kent)

Application for Minor Variance
PL201900023 - Stephen Jones
283 Oak Street East 
Community of Bothwell (East Kent)

Application for Minor Variance
PL201900024 - Deborah McMillan
88 Brander Avenue
Community of Wallaceburg

Application for Minor Variance
PL201900025 - Brian and Lisa Williams
6881 River View Line
Community of Raleigh (South Kent)

Application for Minor Variance
PL201900026 - Jeffery & Jennifer Lozon
25 Chestnut Drive
Community of Wallaceburg