Council, may by by-law, determine the method in which administration shall notify the citizens of the Municipality of such planning applications. By-law 47-2013 sets out that the Municipal Website shall be used to give Notice of Official Plans, Official Plan Amendments, Community Improvement Plans, and Community Improvement Plan Amendments.

Planning Applications

March 23 Council Planning Meeting

The following applications have been approved by Municipal Council at the March 23, 2020 Council Planning Meeting.  Below is the Notice of Planning Act Approval for each application.

1. Application for Zoning By-law Amendment
    Scott & Stacey Ewing
    9902 Oldfield Line
    Community of Chatham (Township)

2. Application for Zoning By-law Amendment
    Clarke Developments Corporation Inc.
    Manning Drive and Hitchcock Road
    Community of Chatham (City)

3. Application for Zoning By-law Amendment
   Craig Helmer
   23668 Industrial Road
   Community of Camden
   Jerry & Janice Prelaz
   24168 Fuller Road
   Community of Chatham (Township)

5. Application for Zoning By-law Amendment
   John Bradley Cambell
   10985 Ridge Line
   Community of Harwich

6. Applications for Consent & Zoning By-law Amendment
   J. Brad Farms Ltd.
   5266 Bradley Line & 5387 Pain Court Line
   Community of Dover

April 27 Council Planning Meeting

The following applications are currently scheduled for the April 27, 2020 Council Planning Meeting.  Below you will find further details on each application. If any individual has comments or concerns, you are encouraged to submit comments in writing by emailing to Please continue to monitor the website in case there are changes to the scheduling of future Council Meetings in light of the COVID-19 situation.

2.  Application for Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment
     1544951 Ontario Inc.
      550-570 Park Avenue West
     Community of Chatham (City)

4.   Application for Zoning By-law Amendment
      First Family Homes Inc.
      Lanz Boulevard
     Community of Blenheim (South Kent)

6.    Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision & Zoning By-law
       2566288 Ontario Inc.
       Community of Chatham (City) 

Council Agendas containing the Planning Reports are posted on-line on the Thursday before the Council Meeting date in the Council Calendar.