The responsibility of the CK PUC is the treatment and delivery of safe drinking water, as well as, the collection and treatment of wastewater.  We have been successful in creating a utility servicing a population of approximately 87,000 within the single tier Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The CK PUC functions as a regional water and wastewater utility. 

The Ontario water and wastewater industry is heavily regulated with compliance to both Provincial and Federal regulations being of utmost importance. The CK PUC has many Service Level Agreements in place for the provision of services with various departments within the Municipality (e.g. Legal, Human Resources, Public Works, meter reading and bill collection)

When Should I Call the CK PUC?

  • Concerns with water quality, i.e. discoloured, taste and odour concerns
  • Water and wastewater rates
  • Purchase a water meter (meters can also be purchased at any Chatham-Kent municipal centre)
  • Petition for a water line extension
  • New water service inquiries
  • Confirmation of lot servicing (water, sanitary and storm sewers)
  • Questions concerning DWQMS (Drinking Water Quality Management Standards)

Contact the Chatham-Kent PUC at 519.436.0119 during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 

Who to Call?

  • Water locates - contact One Call at 1.800.400.2255
  • Water meter issues (i.e., installation, reading, leaking, outside reading device), water/sewer billing inquiries, request to have water turned on/shut off - contact Entegrus at 519.352.6300, Customer Service
  • Water main break, sewer back-up, sewer connection - contact Public Works Department at 519.360.1998
  • Boil Water Notifications - contact Public Health Unit: After Hours: 1-866-446-8207 or Office at 519-355-1071
  • Water Line Assessment Notices and Assessment/Local Improvement payouts - contact the Municipal Tax Department at 519.360.1998

CK PUC maintains a Facebook page at

CK PUC currently operates the following:



  • 5 water treatment plants with distribution systems
  • 1 stand alone water distribution system
  • Approximately 1,710 km of water mains, 3,321 hydrants and 39,636  water customer connections
  • 10 elevated water tanks
  • 9 reservoirs
  • 7 wastewater treatment plants / collection systems
  • 2 sewage lagoon systems / collection systems
  • Approximately 533 km of sanitary sewers, 50 km of combined sewers, and 29,493 wastewater customer connections
  • 57 sanitary pumping stations


The Chatham-Kent Public Utilities Commission (CK PUC) was formed in 1998 from the amalgamation of 23 townships and 13 public utility commissions in Kent County. Since that time, we have been successful in creating a utility system serving 110,000 people. 

The joining of the former utilities creates an opportunity for CK PUC to review and address all cost savings. Our design takes into account the competitive environment in which we operate. Savings were found due to the combined water and wastewater operations, the joining of hydro and water/wastewater billing and collecting systems, as well as the partnership for bill and payment processing.CK PUC has one common rate structure for all customers in Chatham-Kent.

CK PUC is a member of the Tri-County Primary Water System; supplies water to Lakeshore and has water service interconnections with the Lambton area water system and the Municipality of Leamington.

CK PUC has developed a strategic plan to address Asset Management that focuses on both the fixed assets and the human resource assets. CK PUC is fully funded through rates and water/wastewater charges, and has one of the lowest rates in Southwestern Ontario. We have detailed succession planning, staff training and certification programs.