Urban transit bus.jpgService Inquiries

Conventional Transit service in Chatham is provided by In-Touch Connection.  To inquire about service or to lodge a complaint please call 519-436-3233.


The following routes are available for Conventional Transit. The Route Map is also available in the download section or click here: See Map 

Route 1 

Route 1 follows: See Map

Terminal>Wellington Street>Third Street>St. Clair Street>Grand Ave West>St. Clair College>McNaughton Ave> Baldoon Road>Oxley Drive>Timmins Crescent>McFarlane Ave>St. Clair Street>McNaughton Ave>Sheldon Ave>Wilson Ave>Fielder Ave>Sandys Street>Grand Ave>St. Clair Street>Third Street>Wellington Street West> Centre Street>Terminal

Route 2 

Route 2 follows: See Map

Terminal>Wellington Street>Fifth Street>King Street>Third Street>St. Clair Street>North Maple Mall>St. Clair Street>Jackson Drive>Victoria Ave>McNaughton Ave>Michener Road>Grand Ave>Taylor Ave>Forest Street>Van Allen>Grand Ave>Thames Street>Fifth Street>Centre Street>Terminal

Route 3 

Route 3 follows: See Map

Terminal>Wellington Street>William Street>William Street>Murray Street>Princess Street>Colbourne Street>Sass Road>Park Ave>Park Lane>Tweedsmuir Ave>John Street>Tissiman Ave>Queen Street>Cecile Ave>Lacroix Street>Indian Creek Road>St. Michael Ave>Sylvester Drive>Tweedsmuir Ave>Foreman Drive>Eugenie Street>Pine Street>Park Ave>St. George Street>Park Street>William Street>Wellington Street>Terminal

Route 4 

Route 4 follows: See Map

Terminal>Centre Street>Wellington Street>Second Street>King Street West>Merritt Ave>Riverview Drive>Keil Drive South>Richmond Street>Bloomfield Road>Park Ave West>Keil Dr South>Tweedsmuir Ave>Wedgewood Av>Park Ave West>Lacroix Street>Richmond Street>Queen Street>School Street>Centre Street>Wellington Street>Terminal

Route 5

Route 5 follows: See Map

Terminal>Wellington Street>Fifth Street>Thames Street>Victoria Ave>Grand Ave West>Lacroix Street>Emma Street>Violet Street>Grand Ave West>Courthouse Lane>Grand Ave West>St. Clair College>Grand Ave West> Keil Drive>Riverview Drive>Community- Living>Bloomfield Road>Richmond Street>Casino>Richmond Street> Queen Street>McLean Street>William Street>Park St>Princess Street>King Street>Wellington Street>Terminal


Exact Cash Fare

As of July 1, 2019 the transit fare rates are as follows:

  • Adults, Students and Seniors (age 65+) - $2.50

  • Children (Under 5 years) with paying passenger - FREE

Exact Fare Policy

Exact fare is required on all Chatham Conventional Transit Bus Routes. Drivers do not carry change.

Hours of Service

Monday to Saturday 6:15 a.m. - 7:15 p.m. Frequency - approximately every 30 minutes

Transfer Policy

A valid paper or electronic transfer is accepted as full fare on all Chatham Conventional Transit Bus Routes. 

Transfers are time stamped when printed. A valid transfer must be used within 70 minutes of the time of issue and can be used on all Conventional Routes; including the next subsequent run on the route the transfer was issued. A transfer may not be used on the same trip/run that the transfer was issued.   A paper transfer must be requested at the same time the fare is paid.

Paper transfers will only be issued for:

  • exact cash fares
  • multi-ride paper passes
  • single ride paper tickets
  • Cash Pass (only when used to pay for multiple riders/companions)

The 30-Day Pass SmartCard has unlimited use for the person to whom the card is issued and does not require a transfer.

The Cash Pass SmartCard has an electronic transfer activated at the time the fare is paid (validated). 

Therefore, paper transfers will not be issued when using SmartCards.  If a rider is using a Cash Pass and is paying for multiple riders (companions) and is using the same Cash Pass; one (1) paper transfer may be requested for each companion. 

All transfers must be used by the person to whom the transfer was issued. 

Transfers may be used for the Inter-Urban Service.  A valid transfer that was issued on the Convention Service may be used on any Inter-Urban Service Route on the next subsequent trip/run for a "top-up" fee.

See attached transfer points map in the download section or click here:  see map

Schedule/Route Information

CK Transit is pleased to offer NextBus Technology for Conventional Transit in the Community of Chatham. NextBus uses GPS technology to track buses and ESTIMATE arrival times. By taking into account the actual position of the buses, their intended stops and typical traffic patterns, NextBus can estimate bus stop arrivals with a high degree of accuracy and up-to-the-minute information.

NextBus is made available through the internet to devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. You can also text to receive arrival information and subscribe to receive messages pertinent to your route. 

Visit www.nextbus.com to find out more information on NextBus and make sure to check out the "mobile access" for your smartphone.

For any schedule or route information, please contact InTouch Connection directly by calling 519.436.3233. The route maps including the schedule information are also available as downloads on this page.

SmartCard Technology

CK Transit is pleased to offer SmartCard technology for all conventional services. SmartCard technology is an automated fare collection and ridership reporting system which includes a contactless, reloadable SmartCard. In the event of a lost or stolen SmartCard, riders can have the unused balance on the card transferred to a new SmartCard for $5.00.

St. Clair College Semester Passes

Semester passes are available at the Chatham-Kent Civic Centre at a cost of $120.00 per semester with valid student ID and are non-transferable.

Cash PassCash Pass photo2.png

Cash Pass is a reloadable card which can be pre-loaded with any value greater than $20 up to a maximum of $160. Cash Pass cards do not expire and are transferable. Cash Pass users will receive a discount based on the time of day they utilize the pass.

   Cash Pass On-Peak & Off-Peak Times



7am-10am, 1pm-4pm

20% Discount


6am-7am, 10am-1pm, 4pm-7:30pm, Saturdays

50% Discount

30-Day Pass

This pass allows for unlimited rides beginning on the date of activation on the bus (the first time it is used on the bus) and continues for 30 consecutive days before expiring.  You are able to purchase up to 3 months each time you load the card.  This card is non-transferable.

The cost for this pass is:smartcard photo.JPG


  • Adults - $75 / month

  • Students and Seniors - $60 / month




Affordable Pass

The Affordable Pass is a monthly pass that is available only to those residents of Chatham-Kent that have an annual combined family income at or below the Statistics Canada before-tax low income measures (LIM) table (as shown on the application form) for their family size. In order to be eligible for the Affordable Pass, a completed application form along with supporting documentation will need to be submitted to the Civic Centre.

This pass allows for unlimited rides beginning on the date of activation on the bus (the first time it is used on the bus) and continues for 30 consecutive days before expiring.  You are able to purchase up to 3 months each time you load the card.  This card is non-transferable.

The cost for this pass is:

  • $40 / month

Required Documentation:

  • Signed and completed application;

  • Current copy of your Canada Revenue Agency Personal Tax Notice of Assessment for all members with an income;

  • Supporting Identification Documents for applicant and each family member (birth certificate, driver's license, baptismal certificate, passport, Ontario Health Card).

Please see the Downloads section of this page for a copy of the Affordable Bus Pass Policy and Application Form.

SmartCard Transit Pass Availability

All forms of SmartCard transit passes are available at:

  • Chatham-Kent Civic Centre - Atrium

SmartCard transit passes (excluding the affordable pass and St. Clair College semester pass) are available for purchase at the following locations:

  • Shopper's Drug Mart - Nortown Plaza on St. Clair Street

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart - Queen Street

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart - Grand Avenue

Multi-Ride Cards

Multi-Ride Cards are no longer available as of June 30, 2016. Current multi-ride cards will expire on June 30, 2021.  CK Transit invites you to come to the Chatham-Kent Civic Centre to transfer the remaining value of your Multi-Ride card product onto a SmartCard.