construction sign

On-Going Lane Reductions 

There are lane reductions in both the East and Westbound lanes of the 401 east of the Essex Road 42 (Exit 56, Tilbury) Interchange to Bloomfield Road (Chatham) through October, 2019.

Interchange On/Off Ramp Closures 

May 6 - May 13, 2019

The Highway 401 westbound on and off ramps at Bloomfield Road interchange will be closed for resurfacing work for one week beginning on Monday, May 6 until Monday, May 13. 

If you are travelling into Chatham from the East, you are advised to take Exit 90 (Communications Road). If you happen to miss it, you can circle back into Chatham via Highway 2 but exiting at Queen's Line, Exit 63. 

Late May - November, 2019

The Highway 401 eastbound on and off ramps are expected to be closed closer to the end of May until the end of November. The specific dates for the eastbound ramp closures are still being finalized and will be provided well in advance of the closure.

If you are travelling from the West and normally use the Bloomfield Road cut-off to head into Chatham, Blenheim, or Erieau, you are advised to take Exit 63 (Queen's Line) at Tilbury. If you happen to miss it, you can cirlcle back at Exit 90 (Communications Road).