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Barn Quilt Trails

There are three Barn Quilt Trails in Chatham-Kent to explore!

Barn Quilt Trails 

As you make your way through rural Chatham-Kent you will often times come across a barn with what looks like a quilt patch on it. That's exactly what it is! One of the best features of these trails, is that they are visible in any season, allowing for visitors in any climate, to enjoy their beauty. 

Barn quilts are eight-foot square (and larger) painted replicas of actual fabric quilt blocks installed on barns. Barn quilts become rural eye candy glimpsed as we roll down our rural highways. Barn quilts draw attention to Canada’s disappearing rural landscapes, timber frame barns, and the family farm. Not always can they be found on barns however. You could see them posted as signs and other structures. 

  • Barn Quilts tell a story,
  • Barn Quilts draw attention to unmarked historical places
  • Barn Quilts make a trail
  • Barn Quilts can create a themed route
  • Barn Quilts lead visitors from one site to the next

Within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, there are three such trails to discover. 

East Chatham-Kent Barn Quilt Trail 

No matter which end you start at, this scenic route is sure to please, offering not only nine Barn Quilts to wonder at, but captivating views along Highway 3 as well, winding through Morpeth, Ridgetown and Highgate. 

Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail 

Travelling this route will become a feast for the eyes as you gaze up on some 30 Barn Quilts, stretching from Thamesville past Mounty Brydges in Middlesex County. The Chatham-Kent stretch features six between Thamesville and Bothwell alone. 

Thames River Barn Quilt Trail 

Along this stretch, be prepared for a great collection of 30 Barn Quilts, located on both sides of the Thames River from the Tecumseh Monument to the mouth of the river at Lighthouse Cove.