Chatham-Kent offers a wide variety of activities for all interests. 


Our extended warm climate and protected parklands featuring Carolinian habitat attract rare southern birds that do not travel farther north. The opportunity to see these birds in abundance makes Chatham-Kent one of the best places to bird watch in all of North America.

Arts & Culture & Museums

Nowhere else in Ontario will you find such a unique combination of arts, heritage, and entertainment. Chatham- Kent’s fascinating and historic past is preserved in the unique settings of 11 interactive museums throughout the region.

Classic Cars

Some of North America’s best automotive- themed festivals and tourist attractions are found here in Chatham-Kent, Canada’s Classic Car Capital.

Sun & Sand

Chatham-Kent is Canada’s ‘sunny south’ destination for numerous clean, sandy beaches along the shallow shorelines of Lake St. Clair, Lake Erie and two protected bays.

Underground Railroad

Some of the most poignant stops on the Ontario Underground Railroad tour are historic sites in Chatham-Kent. Considered the destination for freedom seekers, this region was home to some of the most successful black settlements and the greatest populace of former slaves in Canada.

Tecumseh Parkway

Nearly 200 years ago one of the most important events in American and British history happened along the banks of the Thames River right here in present-day Chatham-Kent. A monument, museum and national historic site commemorate Chatham-Kent’s significant involvement in the War of 1812.