Kite Surfing

Perfect conditions on area waterways for kite surfing and wakeboarding have made Chatham-Kent a popular destination for these extreme sports. Adventurers can experience thrills at their choice of lakes and bays surrounding the region.

Surf Culture Canada, Ontario’s kite board authority, invites thrill seekers to experience kite surfing, a sport that utilizes a large traction kite to pull the rider along the surface. Surf Culture Canada offers gear rental and two-hour lessons for the novice.

The warm, shallow waters at Mitchell’s Bay provide Canada’s longest season for kite surfing but people seeking more adventure will prefer the wave action at Lake Erie along the shores of Erieau.


Wakeboarding is another extreme sport offered at Rondeau Bay and Mitchell’s Bay. In this combination of surfing and waterskiing, the wake boarder is towed behind a boat while riding the board sideways like a surfboard.

Erieau Wakeboard & Water sports School offers lessons in wakeboarding, waterskiing, knee boarding, wake skating, and wake surfing, all extreme sports that can be performed on local waterways.

Scuba Diving

If you enjoy being under water why not try Scuba Diving? Deep below Lake Erie’s surface, divers can explore shipwrecks that sank during travels along once busy shipping channels.

Weekend charters are available for novice or advanced divers with departures from Erieau and Wheatley. Make sure to book with Red Devil Scuba Supplies in advance!