image of man standing with a motorcycleRide, be free and explore what Chatham-Kent has to offer Below you will find several touring maps made especially in mind for those of you that love to ride. These routes are not only scenic, but in many cases, they will take you to some of Chatham-Kent's most unique landmarks.

Cruise the Coast - Motorcycle Route

Chatham-Kent has partnered with our neighbouring counties along Highway 3. You can cruise the scenic Lake Erie overlook all the way from the iconic "Friday the 13th" Port Dover. Come cruise the scenic, winding roads of Chatham-Kent. Need a Cruise the Coast map before you come, call 1.800.561.6125 and we'll send you one!

Freedom Trail

Take a cruise through some of Chatham-Kent’s rural roads and explore the northern terminus of the Underground Railroad. Experience these three authentic and engaging sites - Buxton National Historic Site and Museum, Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site, and the Chatham-Kent Black Mecca Museum which are located in the Chatham-Kent communities of North Buxton, Dresden and Downtown Chatham. Buxton was featured on an episode of the hit CBC Television Show “Still Standing”! Ride the Freedom Trail Route and don’t miss your opportunity to tour the museums and original, historic buildings of this significant part of Chatham-Kent’s history!

Hub & Spoke

Take a ride on this route’s winding roads and discover just a few of the many treasured communities of Chatham-Kent. Each community on this route have their own distinct blend of charm and hometown feel.  With plenty of unique shopping, attractions, and restaurants will give riders an experience they won’t soon forget. The beauty of Lake St. Clair & Lake Erie can also be enjoyed along this route with must see stops at the waterfront communities of Mitchell’s Bay, Rondeau and Erieau. Renowned for some of the best fishing around, enjoy the scenic waterfronts and don’t forget to check out our beaches and other local amenities. All this and so much more while you cruise the Hub & Spoke Route in Chatham-Kent!

Motorcycle Touring Route - All routes of Chatham-Kent

Chatham-Kent is a great touring destination with a blend of 23 communities, each with their own unique traits, set among rural farming areas and surrounded by Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair with the Thames River flowing through downtown Chatham. Close proximity to water and 100 miles of shoreline provides a playground for those who love to ride!

Explore Chatham-Kent Map

To get an idea of how large Chatham-Kent is, we have designed a tour that will take you in a complete circle surrounding our community.

Underground Railroad

For those interested in the Underground Railroad, Chatham-Kent has some of the most stimulating stops. Considered the destination for freedom seekers, this region was home to some of the most successful black settlements and the greatest populace of former slaves in Canada. Original structures, artifacts and memoirs preserve this heritage and invite the visitor to explore the national treasures that best reveal this period.

French History

The rural landscapes surrounding Mitchell's Bay, Grande Pointe, Pain Court and Tilbury showcases agricultural prosperity. These communities have maintained their French heritage. In front of the church in Pain Court an Ontario Heritage Foundation Plaque commemorates the arrival of French settlers from Quebec in the early 1800's.

Provincial Parks

In the thick of Carolinian forest riders can choose the natural settings of two provincial parks. Both Rondeau and Wheatley provincial parks are situated along Lake Erie. Rondeau is home to the largest Carolinian forest left in Canada. Rare habitats accustomed to southern climates include the endangered Prothonotary Warbler, Sassafras and Virginia Opossum. Oak Savannah, Hickory, Sumac and Tulip trees can also be found in both parks.

South Shore

Enjoy the scenic ride on the Talbot Trail from Blenheim to Wheatley.

Sydenham River

Explore our Sydenham district. This tour will take you through the communities of Wallaceburg, Dresden, Thamesville and Bothwell.

Thames – Talbot

Explore the Thames River and Talbot Trail by taking this tour. This tour will take you through the communities of Thamesville, Ridgetown, Morpeth, Blenheim, Wheatley, Tilbury and Chatham. There is plenty to see and do along this route!