picture of graves in a cemetery

Ordinary citizens share their extraordinary accounts of ghostly encounters on the popular walking and bus ghost tours of Chatham-Kent.

Many places in Chatham where violence or strong emotion once occurred are, today, the home of haunted spirits. Haunted sites visited on the Chatham tours include popular city landmarks, private homes and schools.

The evening tours highlight what local people have encountered – from the story of the soldier who believes he must report to duty to the young woman who has chased away several spooked family cats from her bold presence. Tour participants listen to stories of electrical disturbances, unexplained noises, vacant chairs rocking and other strange occurrences.

Sheila Gibbs, tour guide and author of The Ghosts of Chatham-Kent, says these true stories reveal that many ghosts carry on as they did in life. “They have unresolved issues in death because they were torn from life so quickly,” she says.

Walks in downtown Chatham are led by lantern light with guides dressed in period costume. City and outskirts bus tours also include costumed guides as well as step-on visits from owners of haunted homes who are willing to share their stories.

These popular tours fill fast. For reservations and information on pricing, directions and departure times please call 1-800-561-6125 or 519-351-2958 or by email sgibbs@bell.net.