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Thames River

Great fishing to be had all year round, the Thames River is a option for walleye. In fact, the best time to fish for walleye is during January and February. The rocky river floor makes for some great hiding spots for a number of species including bass, crappie, pike, and many others. Often narrow enough to walk across in the winter, and wade in the summer, this is a perfect place to do some fly-fishing. Access can be tricky at times, but there are launches located in Tilbury, at Lighthouse Cove, and the Thames Grove Conservation Area. Regardless if you prefer open or hard water, the Thames River makes for some great fishing! Each area of the river is different from the last, meaning every trip will feel new.

Lake St. Clair

Famous for housing monster sized muskie, Lake St. Clair is not for the faint of heart. Get ready to have your adrenaline pumping as you put up a fight against these trophy fish! Also known for its healthy populations of bass, walleye, and perch, this lake is not to be skipped. Lake St. Clair can accommodate just about any angler’s experience level, with the muskie being relatively easy to catch during the spring, and the walleye known to give anglers some trouble. There are a number of access points into the lake, Mitchell’s Bay and Lighthouse Cove are popular spots to launch a boat. With many fishing guides in the area, whether you’re a beginner or a master angler, Lake St. Clair will make for an exciting and memorable trip!

Lake Erie

The term “Great Lake” does not do it any justice. Lake Erie is an experience beyond words, and needs to be on every angler’s bucket list. The water and structure create the perfect habitat for so many species, from rainbow trout, to small and largemouth bass, with so many in between. There are a number of access points including public boat launches in Wheatley and Rondeau Bay Provincial Parks as well as a number of marinas and fishing camps where anglers may launch for a fee. Known for open and hard water fishing, Lake Erie is the place to be all year round. 

2018 Chatham-Kent Angling Tournaments

Great Erie Salmon and Pickeral Hunt 

  • Erieau, June 30 - July 15

Canadian Tire Mitchell's Bay Open 

  • Registration is FULL as of March, 2018
  • Waitlist in effect 
  • Mitchell's Bay, July 6-7

Southwest Outdoors Club Big Boyz Tournament 

  • Wheatley, July 27 - August 5

Lake Erie

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Located on the southern shore of Chatham-Kent and  considered to be the top game fishing location in Canada, Lake Erie is accessible from harbours in the scenic fishing villages of Wheatley and Erieau, providing a memorable angling experience for fishers of all ages and skill levels. 




Lake St. Clair

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Located on the western shore of Chatham-Kent, Lake St. Clair is known for it's warm, shallow, open waters. With several protected tributaries and bays to choose from, and fairly predictable ice cover, Lake St. Clair provides great opportunities fishing year round!