Seasoned farm families invite tourists to explore their unique operations and learn the fascinating process that leads to local quality meats, fruits, and vegetables that are shipped across North America.

Visitors can sample award-winning maple syrup on the farm where the tree sap is collected or travel to the blueberry farm to taste homemade goodies filled with fresh blueberries. Guests in Chatham-Kent can sample the wines, take a stroll through the vineyards and tour the winemaking operation of the newest winery located in a quiet country setting.

Tourists may want to visit the local farm markets in search of the flavours of Chatham-Kent with everything from local produce to vegetables to baked and canned goods. For a quick stop, visitors can sample the local harvest at a roadside stand with an assortment of produce and vegetables served up on a smaller scale.

Visitors will find many restaurants serve dishes that highlight the bounty of the region and pair them with a glass of local fine wine.

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