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February, 2019 

Jenelle Smit, Lifestyle Blogger/Influence

In February of 2019, Chatham-Kent Tourism and SWOTC hosted Jenelle Smit for a winter get-away. Her trip was taken to experience CK in the winter, with an eye on culinary, craft beer, boutique shopping and iconic winter sights. 

Her visit included a stay at RetroSuites, touring downtown Chatham and Erieau. Stops included Bayside Brewing Company, Sons of Kent, Bella Chocolatier and Chatham Breakfast House

You can find her video and blog here

Valerie Howes, Freelance Writer

Today's Parent Magazine, WestJet Magazine

Chatham-Kent Tourism and SWOTC hosted Valerie in the fall of 2018 with sole purpose of learning more about the Underground Railroad in Chatham-Kent. Her visit was limited to sites that would be open for regular hours during Black History Month, to share her passion and to encourage others to visit the sites. She took this opportunity to explore, with her daughter, Buxton National Historical Site & Museum along with the Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society and Black Mecca Museum and the BME Freedom Park. She shares with us two unique perspectives. One with her daughter, for Today's Parent Magazine which you can access here, the other for WestJet Magazine which you can access here

To Do Canada

To Do Canada calls Chatham-Kent one of the top five places to visit in Ontario this February.

Click here to see why and their feature on Black History and Ice Fishing in CK.

Heather Greenwood Davis

Canadian Geographic Magazine 

In the fall of 2018, Chatham-Kent Tourism and SWOTC hosted Travel Writer and Influencer Heather Greenwood Davis who visited all three Underground Railroad sites in Chatham-Kent. You can pick up a copy of the January/February edition of Canadian Geographic to read what she has to say about Buxton National Historic Site & Museum and the Chatham Kent Black Historical Society and Black Mecca Museum. She also has an exclusive online story profiling Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site which you can find here

January, 2019

Chatham-Kent has been chosen as of the the best places to visit in 2019. asked 1,000 Canadians where they would recommend travellers visit in 2019, and Chatham-Kent is a destination of choice. Read the article here.

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