Chatham-Kent voted by Canadians as one of the best 19 places to visit asked 1,000 Canadians where they would recommend travellers visit in 2019, and Chatham-Kent is a destination of choice. 

From the article: 

It might be a new year, but history was on the mind of our respondents. Chatham-Kent is a town that has a place in history, and this is the year to learn more about it. From being a stop along the Underground Railroad to preserving classic cars, this town is happy to tell its story.

Things to do in 2019

Did you know that the area of Chatham-Kent was once an end destination of the Underground Railroad, as slaves ran away to their freedom? Visit centres like the Buxton National Historic Site & Museum to learn more about the Underground Railroad’s importance. 


This is Canada’s Classic Car Capital and summertime is filled with all sorts of shows. You won’t want to miss RetroFest in May, Blenheim Classics Auto Show in June, and Bothwell Old Autos Car Show in August.


Get a little sun on your holiday by heading to Rondeau Provincial Park. This long beach along Lake Erie is perfect.


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