Chatham-Kent Tourism is supporting the directives of the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit and the Governments of Canada and Ontario through precautionary measures and enhanced monitoring of the workplace due to Covid-19. 

For that reason, our office is now closed to the public. We can still be reached via email at or by phone at 1-800-714-7497. 

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter @visitck for the latest information. 

What's open, closed and happening in Chatham-Kent? The Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit has a page on their website dedicated to all of those answers you may have. Click HERE

Festivals and Events

Many festivals and events in 2020 in Chatham-Kent have been and are being cancelled. We are sharing these updates through Social Media, please continue to follow us there for updates. 

In the meantime, the ESA (Event Safety Alliance) has introduced a framework for reopening events. You can find a copy of the Covid Re-opening Guide here.


We encourage using this framework provided through the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario, as you re-open your tourism attraction. 

Furthermore, we encourage you to check with CK Public Health before opening your tourism site or encouraging people to attend a tourism site. It is ultimately up to the MOH to decide what can re-open and when, along with specific guidelines and direction. 

Re-opening at a Glance 

While re-opening starts to take shape, note there are still limitations within each sector. The following link has all of the details, however, we thought we'd highlight a few. Keeping these regulations in mind will help shape what your own personal re-opening will look like as you work towards that goal. 

Stage 2 of re-opening in Ontario

TIAO Tourism Industry Updates

You can click here to access all Q&A stakeholder and Tourism Industry Association of Ontario conference call summaries. Additional Covid-19 information specifically related to the tourism industry can also be accessed.  

Results from the TIAO Industry Impact Survey due to Covid-19 are available as links below. 

March 12 -16 Survey Results

March 18 - 23 Survey Results

March 18 - 23 Survey Results specific to Regional Tourism Organization 1 (RTO1) including Chatham-Kent 

April 1 - 6 Survey Results

April 22 - 27 Survey Results

How can you help flatten the curve?  

this image describes what social distancing is and how to prevent the spread of COVI-19

How can you help local businesses? 

this image describes how residents can support the community during covid-19 by doing things like taking virtual classes