At the end of a busy vacation day in Chatham-Kent there is always a comforting place to rest; the style and location of accommodation is the choice of the traveller.

Chatham-Kent’s eclectic collection of attractions draws a diverse population of travellers with varying styles and budgets. Accommodations here meet every taste.

Boutique and Brand Hotels

Guests may choose to spend the night in one of Ontario’s most uniquely themed boutique hotels located in the heart of Chatham-Kent’s largest urban centre. Or they may enjoy the comfort of newly renovated guest rooms at of one of many national hotel chains found in several Chatham-Kent communities.

Waterside Cabins

Beachcombers can relax in cabins near the shore in Chatham-Kent’s quaint waterfront communities, while campers can choose to stay in the heart of rare Carolinian forest at provincial parks or family camping resorts.

Bed & Breakfast

Travellers may prefer the home-away-from-home feeling of a bed and breakfast. They can choose from magnificent Victorian homes and enjoy the personal service and homemade breakfasts of Chatham-Kent’s bed and breakfast proprietors.