Home Care Services

Depending on the type and degree of help required, it may be possible to continue residing in your own home, with "Home Care Services" provided to you as needed.

Long-Term Care Homes

When the needs are greater and when care or assistance must be readily available at all times, you may require the assistance of a long-term care (LTC) home.

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care license all long-term care homes, and all provide numerous vital services and programs.

All LTC homes must provide the following services as a condition of licensing, and all services must meet certain minimum standards as defined by the provincial ministry.

Home Requirements

All Long-Term Care homes must:

  • Provide nursing and personal care on a 24-hour basis, including care given by or under the supervision of a registered nurse or registered practical nurse, the administration of medication, and assistance with activities of daily living

  • Have one or more staff doctors on call for the medical care of their residents. Residents may receive care from their own physician

  • Keep a sufficient supply of the medical supplies and nursing equipment necessary for the care of their residents

  • Provide necessary materials and equipment for residents’ personal hygiene and grooming

  • Provide complete meal services, including three daily meals, snacks between meals and at bedtime, special and therapeutic diets and dietary supplements, and devices that assist residents in feeding themselves

  • Provide laundry services, all required bedding and linen, bedroom furnishings including adjustable beds, adjustable bedrails, bedside tables, and the cleaning and upkeep of all room and public areas

  • Provide social programs, recreational programs, pastoral care programs and physical activities

  • Maintain an active resident council made up of resident representatives and staff members

  • Must be open to people of all backgrounds and faiths

How to Choose a Home

What to look for when choosing a Long-Term Care Home:

  • Friendly staff

  • Happy and well cared residents

  • Safety of Residents, volunteers, visitors and staff

  • Family members who are involved in the planning for resident care

  • Provided therapy services

  • Policy for smoking, non-smoking and alcoholic beverages

  • Religious, cultural, language and dietary needs of the home