2 senior womenOur Senior Centres

There are 11 Senior Centres located throughout the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. These centres have their own unique names and provide similar services for seniors located in their communities. 

What They Have To offer

Senior Centres serve adults over 50 years of age and their services can include recreational programs, social activities etc. The Centres are a place for socializing and provide members an opportunity to become involved in a range of recreational and leisure activities. 

Senior Centres are places that promote social relationships that prevent isolation, and where participants can get individual help from visiting professionals for services such as foot care, and educational information related to various health care problems. 

A Community for our Residents 

These Centres have become well-established meeting places for seniors within their respective communities and act as an ideal place for sharing information throughout the local community.

All of the Senior Centres’ executive members have been brought together so that they may share ideas and work together. Through our help, we have fostered their coming together on a regular basis to arrange joint social events. 

These self-directed meetings have also provided seniors with a forum where they can build supportive networks. We hold regular meetings with the Senior Centres to discuss and help them resolve issues, provide training opportunities, and act as a liaison to other divisions of the Municipality that may be of help to them.